Websites That Use Affiliate Marketing To Earn Money

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You may want to earn money through affiliate marketing. But how are you going to do it? Well, I have researched a few websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money.

Moreover, we are going to talk about how those websites marketed 3rd party products. At the same time delivering value and learning lessons from them.

But before that, in What Ways Will Affiliate Marketing Benefit You. Significantly, let me share a few benefits with you.

Interestingly, there is a famous quote by Bo Bennet “Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions and Ordinary People Millionaires”


Benefits of Affiliating Marketing

Now, let us carefully study the websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money. Just scribble the ideas that you get as you read the following.

Bonus:  know what affiliate marketing is all about and how it works


Websites that Use Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money



A famous among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money

Nerdwallet does enormously well in making money online. And their content is genuinely useful. Specifically, they are prominent among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money.

What is this site all about? It is a review affiliate site for financial products. Furthermore, they cover everything from credit cards to mortgages to investing to insurance.

Importantly, they have stellar contents and an exceptional user interface.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: They have 152,451 followers
Twitter: 57.7 K followers
Visits to their site per month: 10.6 M
Domain Rating: 83
Backlinks: 34,316
Alexa Rank: 2,722
Niche: Consumer Finance
Goal: To help people pick the best credit cards, loans, etc..
Their Key Challenge: Extremely Competitive Market

Website’s Top Content
Nerdwallet’s top content is about two main keywords or titles. They are, “How Much House Can I Afford?” and “Best Credit Cards of 2019: Reviews, Rewards, and Offers“. Moreover, the second keyword is one of the most difficult affiliate keywords in the world. And astoundingly, Nerdwallet ranks No.1 for it in the SERPs.

Specifically, Nerdwallet has a hyper-useful tool that does well in the context of a content marketing campaign.

Products they Promote

How Do They Make Money?
Nerdwallet is a 100% affiliate site. They promote only other’s product or service. Moreover, they don’t have ads. Neither do they sell any of their own products.

Lessons to Learn for your Affiliate Marketing from Nerdwallet?


2.Money Saving Expert

This is a successful affiliate marketing website that helps people make better financial decisions. Furthermore, the website ranks as the leading consumer affiliate websites in the UK. Moreover, it has 8 million visits every month.

Money Saving Expert (MSE) stands apart by providing content quality and devotion to helping consumers.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: 205,597 followers
Twitter: They have 295K followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 8.8 M
Domain Rating: 83
Backlinks: 18,900
Alexa Rank: 3,530
Niche: Personal Finance
Goal: To help ordinary people make better financial decisions
Key Challenge: Their challenge is to provide ethical, accurate and updated financial information in a sector marked by self-serving interests.

Their Top Contents related to affiliate marketing works:
They provide three valuable contents, namely, “Credit Scores: Bust myths and improve your score“; “19 Cheapest Ways to Get Travel Money“. And “The budget planner“. Significantly, these contents augur well for their successful affiliate marketing works.

How do they Make Money?
Some tactics and tools they use in order to monetize are,

Correspondingly, other tactics it uses to make extra affiliate marketing cash are,

Uniquely, products they promote are,

Lessons to learn to propel your affiliate marketing initiatives


3.The Wirecutter

Among the important websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money

The Wirecutter is a famous review affiliate websites for electronics, gadgets and consumer goods. It is important among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money. Moreover, The Wirecutter is one among the top 6,000 sites that focusses on finding the best product in respective categories.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: 123, 932 followers
Twitter: They have followers 88.4K followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 3.6 M
Domain Rating: 80
Backlinks: 18,300
Alexa Rank: 3,530
Niche: Consumer product reviews
Goal: To help people find the best product under many consumer categories
Key Challenge: To design innovative tests and select the best products without being distracted by commercial interests.

Top Contents found on their Website:
They mainly have three contents,

How Do They Make Money?
Few tactics and tools they use to monetize are,

The Wirecutter’s heavily used Affiliate Promotions

Affiliate Marketing Lessons from The Wirecutter


4.PC Part Picker

This is another leading among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money. Significantly, the site is a bit different from the traditional affiliate website model. It basically markets itself.

Importantly, the site is a tool for those who want to build their own computers, especially gaming computers. Furthermore, building a computer is not that easy. You have to find the latest parts that fit your budget and also compatible with each other.

At this juncture, PC Part Picker solves the problem. It allows you to shop for the latest pc parts based on performance and budget. Furthermore, it automatically cross-references them with each other to check for compatibility.

Additionally, the site also maintains a blog.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: They have 34,595 followers
Twitter: They have 47.2K followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 3.3 M
Domain Rating: 73
Backlinks: 7,600
Alexa Rank: 1,721
Niche: Computer parts
Goal: Help people build computers
Key Challenge: Low commissions

Site’s Top Contents
Some of the site’s valuable contents are,

Significantly, the site also has a price history section. This proves useful in an industry where prices change constantly.

How Do They Make Money?
PC Part Picker makes money only through affiliate links. Their ways of monetization are,

Their Top Promotions
As their overall strategy, PCPartsPicker uses many affiliate programs. But their bulk of income comes from Amazon.

What Does PC Part Picker teach for your affiliate marketing?


5.This is Why

I’m Broke is interesting among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money

This is one among the first affiliate websites to do well in the gift and novelty section. Significantly, the site taps into the internet and pop culture to spot strange things that attract people’s senses.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: They have 299,389 followers
Pinterest: They have 33,739 followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 728K
Domain Rating: 71
Backlinks: 4,800
Alexa Rank: 13,348
Niche: Novelty items and gifts
Goal: To find weird and wacky stuff and display them

Their Top Contents
Significantly, their top contents are, “Gifts for Men“; “Gifts for Geeks” and  “Bear Sleeping Bag”.

How Do They Make Money?

Their Top Promotions
This Is Why I am Broke (TIWIB) follows an interesting model. Only posts that point to Amazon or Etsy products are monetized. The rest is just a regular, non-affiliate link.

Lessons for your Affiliate Marketing Initiative


6.The Points Guy

This is prominent among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money.

The Points Guy site has cracked the much needed targeted social traffic. They also have an equal number of organic traffic.

Significantly, the site is about credit cards in travel. Furthermore, they talk about leveraging the benefits of credit card companies and travel companies offer for taking different actions. This results in traveling cheaply and sometimes even for free.

This has made Points Guy really popular. Significantly, they help people do something very specific, instead of simply beating around the bush.

Therefore, two things are achieved through this site: Solving people’s problems + recommending products through which they earn affiliate commissions.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: They have 1,904,187  followers
Twitter: They have 323K followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 3M
Domain Rating: 78
Backlinks: 10,500
Alexa Rank: 4,054
Niche: Credit cards and travel
Goal: Travel and credit card hacking
Key Challenge: Extremely competitive niche

Their Top Contents
Some of their top contents are, 5 Key Things to Know About Getting Global Entry. And Best Ways to Avoid Airline Change and Cancellation Fees. Significantly, the second title proves to be a highly useful evergreen title that can be updated and re-marketed continuously.

Ways In Which They Make Money
The site makes money through credit card and travel affiliate programs. Moreover, they focus mostly on credit cards that people can use to earn travel rewards.

Their Top Promotions
Their promotions or promoting products is based on which offers the best rewards. Few examples are,

Lessons to Learn for Your Affiliate Marketing


7.Website Setup

Prominent among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money

This site focusses on people who want to create a website. Significantly, there are many people typing this keyword into Google every day. Moreover, this site is unique among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money.

The perfect storm of affiliate marketing in this site is,

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: They have 25,514 followers
Twitter: They have 2,500 followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 494,000M
Domain Rating: 78
Backlinks: 4,100
Alexa Rank: 22,701
Niche: Web hosting
Goal: Help people build their first website
Key Challenge: Operating in a highly competitive market

Some of their Top Contents

How Do They Make Money?

Other methods used to promote various affiliate programs without making them feel like a promotion are,

The Site’s Top Promotions

Lessons to learn for your affiliate marketing



More useful among websites that use affiliate marketing to earn money

This site get paid a commission for sending visitors to the websites of major airlines. Therefore, this makes them a commission-based business, they’re an affiliate site. Moreover, Skyscanner has become a trusted brand.

Website’s Key Statistics:
Facebook: They have 10,163,826 followers
Twitter: They have 171K followers
No.of Visits to their site per month: 9.1M
Domain Rating: 84
Backlinks: ‚Äč17,100
Alexa Rank: 2,849
Niche: Air Travel
Goal: To help travelers find cheap flights
Key Challenge: The site faces a neck-to-neck competition with major international airlines

The site’s Top Contents
Their valuable content is, “Skyscanner’s guide to finding a late deal“, “Amazing places you won’t believe exist on earth“. And “17 surprising items not allowed in your hand baggage“.

How Do They Make Money?
They make money through,

What are Their Top Promotions?

Lessons for effective affiliate marketing
Airlines is a big field. But you need to think big like Skyscanner and aim for higher ventures. Moreover, you have to give importance to Content Marketing on your site.



All the above examples show the peculiar ways adopted by each site to convert targeted traffic. Not many use email lists or email marketing. They use fewer banner ads. Particularly, most of these sites earn money through passive income.

Importantly, they heavily invest in social media. But above all, there are two lessons you can learn from these sites,

Do you know of any other affiliate website that monetizes primarily by recommending products? Please share about them in the comments section.

Published on: 12/15/19, 9:14 AM